Tradetal Trade Accounting Software

What is this? This program is an MS Windows (64 bit) application designed to track currency trades and associated costs and taxes.

Tradetal Trade Accounting Software uses a double-entry accounting method, to get a sense or estimate of your current value in each currency selected, based on current published rates, and determine gain/loss on buy/sell transactions, in home currency. Included are most commonly available currencies and cryptocurrencies. Note that the software is intended to be used as trade value accounting, not a checkbook register.

You can also see a report of gain/loss using LIFO (Last In - First Out), FIFO (First In - Fist Out) or Average value. Calculate your cost basis in your home currency and determine gain/loss with like-exchange transfers or the actual value at time of trade.

Your financial data is stored in an SQLite3 database. It is encrypted using the Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data (AEAD) algorithm. (ChaCha20 stream cipher with the Poly1305 authenticator). (You may also choose AES-256-CTR cipher). The key is a BLAKE2b hash of the password you enter when creating the file.

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Tested on Windows 10. May work on old versions of Windows. If you run into problems, please Contact Us

Contact us to let us know if you would like to run on GNU/Linux or FreeBSD. The MS Windows binary will 'prolly not run using wine.