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22/12 12:10

Almost 5,000 Crypto Pump and Dumps Posted on Discord and Telegram in 6 Months
    Bitcoin Lightning Network Booms Amid “Crypto Winter”
    Bermuda Issues Draft Crypto Custodial Services Regulation T+
    Ethereum Price Stability Hints at a Potential new Breakout T+
    On the 12th Day Coinbase Donates $25,000 Worth of Bitcoin to Help Domestic Violence Victims T+
    SBI’s Newly Launched Crypto Exchange VCTRADE Adds Support for Bitcoin, XRP and Ethereum T+
    Wendy McElroy: Satoshi Revolution – Afterword T+
    Why the CFTC’s Questions About Ethereum Matter T+
    Bitcoin Dips Below $3,900 as Crypto Markets See Red
    Bitcoin Cash Payment API Adds a Variety of New Features
    Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Resilient, Foundation Set for $6,000 T+
    The Daily: Belgium Blacklists More Crypto Platforms, UAE Prepares ICO Regulations
    Asian News Headlines Exert Significant Impact on Cryptocurrency Prices
    Launch of ICE’s Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Platform Likely to Be Slightly Delayed
    Only a Small Fraction of 460M Bitcoin Addresses Actually Hold Crypto, New Report Reveals
    Tron Recovers While Ethereum Flounders; TRX Pumps 15% Today T+
    Crypto Markets Pullback After Five Day Rally T+
    Canada Encourages Cannabis Sector to Transact Discreetly T+
    Bitcoin ATMs Double in Number This Year T+
    How Have Bitcoin Futures Performed One Year On? T+
    Launch of Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Market May Get Postponed Again T+
    Learn About the BCH Network With’s ‘Mastering Bitcoin Cash’ T+
    Lack of Widespread Crypto Knowledge Could be Stunting the Market’s Growth T+
    BCH-Powered Bookchain Aims to Protect Literature From a Dystopian Future T+
    Why This Billionaire Investor is Betting on a Project Bringing Bitcoin Payments to Starbucks T+
    Brazilian Supermarket Chain Now Accepts Payment in Bitcoin T+
    Facebook Developing a Whatsapp Crypto, Should the Bitcoin Community Be Worried? T+
    Layer1 wants to thrive in the age of the crypto crash T+
    Bitcoin Holds Above $4,000 As Upwards Momentum Stalls T+
    Bitcoin Cash Price Drops by $30 After Hitting $220 This Morning T+
    Officials at Top Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Upbit Indicted for Fraud T+
    Markets Break Streak of Green, Most Top Coins See Mild Corrections T+
    Bitcoin Price 2019: Industry Insiders Predict BTC’s Future T+
    Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, EOS, Litecoin, Bitcoin SV, TRON, Cardano: Price Analysis, Dec. 21 T+
    Cryptocurrency CPU Mining Makes a Comeback in Late 2018 T+
    Analyst: 25% Recovery In Bitcoin Price Was A “Zombie Rally” T+
    Study Finds Less Than 40% of BTC Addresses Are Economically Relevant T+
    US Lawmakers File Bill to Exclude Cryptocurrencies From Securities Definition T+
    Bitcoin Rally Shouldn’t Excite the Bulls Yet, Trend Still Bearish T+
    Bitcoin Difficulty Drops by Over 9% While Bitcoin Cash One Experiences Reverse Momentum T+
    Wall Street Journal Suggests ‘Quick Sale, Repurchase’ of Bitcoin ‘May Lower Your Taxes’ T+
    The Daily: Bitcoin Posts Record Volume, Ledger Plans Major Update T+
    Coinbase President: 2019 Will Be a Great Year For Crypto Institutional Investment T+
    Consensys’ Wild Ideas and Squandered Funds Has Led to Major Layoffs T+
    This Price Chart Indicates Bitcoin’s Bulls Are Back in Business T+
    Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Likely to Get the Regulatory Approval in Early 2019 T+
    How Much Steam Is Left In The Christmas Crypto Rally? T+
    XRP Price Dips in the Red After Bullish few Days T+
    Cryptocurrency Market Update: Bitcoin Cash Doubles in Three Days T+
    Thai SEC Plans to Relax ICO Regulations T+
    Bitcoin Price Watch: BTC Breaks $4,000, Trend Overwhelmingly Bullish T+
    A Heartbroken Mother Hopes President Trump Will Exonerate Ross Ulbricht T+
    Crypto Market Update: Bitcoin Cash Rally, Tron (TRX), ADA, IOTA Price Analysis T+
    Pan-African Bitcoin Exchange Kubitx Goes Live, Launches OTC Wallet
    Cashy Web Application Boosts Script Contracts in Bitcoin Cash T+
    Bitcoin From Space: Blockstream CSO Explains Its Satellite Services T+
    Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency At $4,000 for the First Time in Weeks T+
    Bithumb Accused of Inflating Reported Trading Volume T+
    Analysts Applaud Square’s Bitcoin Strategy as Brilliant Despite Low Profitability T+
    Bloomberg Vouches for Tether’s Dollar-Backing T+
    Bitcoin Hits $4100 as Analysts Warn That the 2017 Rally Is Behind Us T+
    Bitcoin Cash Node Bchd Syncs in Just Over an Hour With Fast Mode T+
    Bitcoin Breaks Above $4,000 Amidst Widespread Market Surge T+
    Crypto Assets Won’t Be Classified As Securities With Proposed U.S. Bill T+
    Bitcoin Hits Two-Week High Promising Further Bull Run in 2019 T+
    Chatter Report: Antonopoulos Criticizes KYC, Kasireddy Claims Decentralization Not Always Better T+
    Messari CEO: Killer Use Case For Bitcoin Is Still Money, Digital Gold T+
    Markets Update: BCH Up Over 100% in a Week, BTC Breaks Above $4,000 T+
    Hong Kong: Purported Bitcoin Millionaire Reportedly Arrested After Making It ‘Rain Cash’ T+
    Bitcoin Extends Price Anniversary Rally to Hit $3,800 as Altcoins Surge Higher T+
    Iranians Still Profiting From Bitcoin Mining Despite Market Crash and US Sanctions T+
    Greek Supreme Court Rules in Support of Extraditing Alleged Bitcoin Launderer Vinnik to France T+
    Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, EOS, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Bitcoin SV, TRON, Cardano: Price Analysis, Dec. 19 T+
    Report: Out of 460 Million Bitcoin Addresses, Only 37% ‘Economically Relevant’ T+
    Bitcoin Back Over $4K as Crypto Markets See Fifth Day of Green T+
    What is Ethereum? T+
    The Daily: Coinbase to Pay Users for Learning, Okex Launches Instant Messaging Service T+
    Peter Brandt Claims the Bitcoin Bull Market Hasn’t Arrived yet T+
    Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Soar above $4,000 Paving Way for $6,000 T+
    Bitcoin Cash is 41.7% Up, Can BCH Sustain its Momentum? T+
    Bitcoin’s Path to $5K Faces a Major Hurdle T+
    Bitcoin Cash Price Gains 37% and Hits $165 T+
    Former IMF Economist Mark Dow Closes $14K BTC Short T+
    Bitcoin Price & Technical Analysis: BTC Still Recovering T+
    Contrary to Reports, Crypto Sector is Not Dead: Here’s Why T+
    Bitcoin SV Price Hits $103 as all Markets Remain Bullish T+
    Analyst: Ethereum Constantinople Will Push Crypto Miners “Out Of Business” T+
    Why Colombia Has Become A Hotspot for Bitcoin ATMs T+
    Bitcoin Price Rebounds to Two-Week Highs Above $4K T+
    OKEx Exchange Starts With No-Expiry Bitcoin Derivative Product T+
    Bitcoin Price Watch: BTC Could Correct Lower Before Fresh Upside T+
    Hash Wars: BCH Proponents Face a New Dawn in the Battle’s Aftermath T+
    Crypto Market Update: Stratis (STRAT), Stellar (XLM), Bitcoin Cash, ADA Price Analysis T+
    Canadian Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinsquare Now in 25 European Countries T+
    UK Investors to Pay Capital Gains and Income Tax on Bitcoin Investments T+
    Bitcoin Knocks On $4K As Expert Claims Facebook Crypto Will End Bitcoin T+
    Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Up 25% – Fighting EOS for the Top 4 Spot T+
    Saxo Bank Founder Lars Christensen Is Waiting for a Cryptocurrency Panic Sell-Off T+
    Openswap Makes In-Wallet BCH and BTC Atomic Swaps Possible T+
    Veteran Commodities Trader Offers Bitcoin Price Warning T+
    Bitcoin Price Is Inching Closer to $4000, Was $3200 the Bottom? T+
    OKEx Launches No-Expiry Bitcoin Derivative Product T+
    Bitcoin Surges Above $3,800 As Market Rally Continues T+
    BCH Leads the Way as Crypto Markets Brighten Up T+
    Offchain Indicators Suggest JP Morgan Is Wrong to Write off Bitcoin T+
    Russian Parliament Postpones Adoption of Digital Assets Bill T+
    Bad to Worse for Bitcoin Cash SV: “Satoshi’s Vision” Proves Unpopular T+
    The Daily: Atari Partners Decentralized Gaming Company, Tagomi Goes Live T+
    Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Up 9 Percent, Bulls Aim at $4,500 T+
    Bitcoin Cash Price Push Continues With Another 33% Increase T+
    Bitcoin Cash Rises From Near Death With 28% Surge Today T+
    Prominent Bitcoin Short Seller Covers: Crypto Bottom Inbound? T+
    Bull Reversal: Bitcoin Climbs Key Price Hurdle to Target $4K T+
    Bitcoin History Part 5: A Wild Altcoin Appears T+
    Renowned Mainstream Bitcoin Bear Officially Closes his BTC Short T+
    Coinbase Gets Aggressive With Crypto Listing: Lists MakerDao, Golem, Zilliqa T+
    Venezuela Isn’t the Crypto Use Case You Want It to Be T+
    Crypto Market Update: Rebound Continues, 20% Gain Since The Weekend T+
    Chatter Report: Schiff Accuses Kelly of Pump and Dump, Lingham Calls for ‘Real Adoption’ T+
    Crypto Arbitrage Today: AE, ZRX, ICX, EOS, XMR, BTG T+
    Bitcoin SV Price Analysis: BSV/USD Trends of December 19–25 T+
    6 Craziest 2019 Crypto Market Development Scenarios from ICOBox T+
    Bitcoin Price Watch: BTC In Clear Uptrend Towards $4,000 T+’s Oracle Aims to Bolster BCH-Powered Smart Contracts T+
    Crypto Market Extend Gains: Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash, Tron (TRX), ADA Price Analysis T+
    France Rejects Cryptocurrency-Friendly Tax Amendments T+
    Russians to Be Allowed ICO Investments up to $9,000 per Year T+
    Bitcoin Price Watch: Most Major Cryptocurrencies Are Up T+
    Only Sharks Will Feed on the Crypto Market’s Elusive Price Bottom T+
    Press Release: Bitcoin Fork Bithereum Launches Coin to Revolutionize Cryptocurrency Mining T+
    Curated blockchain and cryptocurrency news – Week 50 T+
    Bitcoin Is Here to Stay: Blockstream Satellite Expansion Makes Sure of It T+
    Novogratz: Interest Left Crypto for Macro, But Bitcoin Will Emerge As Store of Value T+
    Cointext Rolls Out Mobile BCH Services in Bangladesh, Now Services 38 Countries T+
    Tim Draper Invests $1.25 Million in Bitcoin Payments Processor OpenNode T+
    Bitcoin Cash Price Rises to $100 And Overtakes Litecoin T+
    Bitcoin Sustains Above $3,500 After Widespread Market Rally T+
    Irish Court Finds Silk Road Dealer’s ETH to Be Proceed of Crime T+
    Bitcoin Scam Alert: Criminals Demand BTC Payment to Call Off Hit Man T+
    Coinbase lets you convert one cryptocurrency into another T+
    Institutional Investors No Longer Interested in Bitcoin: JP Morgan T+
    Electricity Consumption of Bitcoin is a Non-Issue: Solar Energy is Free in Some Regions T+
    Transnistria Welcomes Crypto Miners, Plans to Expand the Industry T+
    Former Goldman Sachs Exec Launches Crypto Startup Amid Bear Market T+
    Google AI Briefly Describes Bitcoin as ‘Collapsed Economic Bubble’ T+
    The Daily: HTC Blockchain Phone Delayed, Exchange Security Ratings Updated T+
    Now Is A Fantastic Time To Buy Bitcoin (BTC), Says Blockchain Capital’s Bogart T+
    Holiday Rally? Bitcoin Jumps 10% on Price Record Anniversary T+
    A Chinese Government-Controlled Bitcoin Alternative Is Reportedly in the Works T+
    Crypto Price Watch: Good Day For the Market Sees EOS, Stellar (XLM) and IOTA Surge by Over 10% Each T+
    Bitcoin Will Likely Survive the Crypto Winter Before Any Other Crypto Asset T+
    PR: Buy Crypto with Credit or Debit Card Using EO.Finance T+
    Cypherpunk Godfather Timothy May Was Lightyears Ahead of His Time T+
    Bitcoin Price Watch: Can BTC Buyers Keep The Rally Going? T+
    Crypto Schisms and Fork Psychology T+
    How to Spend and Give Bitcoin Cash Over the Holidays T+
    Difficulty Adjustment on Horizon: Are Miners Going to Save Bitcoin After All? T+
    Circle CEO Remains Bullish on Bitcoin Predicting All-Round Tokenization T+
    BitPay CEO: Mass Crypto Adoption Could be Right Around the Corner T+
    How Crypto Miners Are Adapting to Survive the Bear Market T+
    Patreon’s Censorship Is Bad for Free Speech But Good for Bitcoin T+
    Coinbase Adds Crypto-to-Crypto Trading for Retail Customers T+
    Bitcoin Price Rises 5% as Crypto Markets Jump T+
    Bitcoin Hits $3,550 as Report Finds Binance and Bitfinex the Only Non-Inflated Exchanges T+
    Markets Update: Cryptocurrencies Start the Week With Modest Gains T+
    Bitcoin Price Watch: Is the Currency in Line for a Bull Rally? T+
    One Year Ago Today: Bitcoin Reaches All-Time High T+
    Blockstream Boosts Bitcoin Satellite Service With Lightning Payments T+
    Bibox Buys 100% Share of Decentralized Exchange T+
    Crypto Week In Review: CFTC Dives Into Ethereum, Coinbase Integrates Paypal T+
    Bitcoin climbs above $3,400, headed for biggest daily rise in nearly three weeks T+
    Bullish Surge Pushes XRP Price Above $0.3 Again T+
    The Daily: Yellow Vest Coin Created, Security Token Trading Platform Launched T+
    DOGE/USD Uptrend Shows Dogecoin Remains Bullish T+
    Bitcoin Declared Dead – For the 334th Time T+
    A Year Ago Today Bitcoin’s Price Hit a Record $20k T+
    Hit by Sanctions, Iranian Students in the UK Use Bitcoin to Bypass Banks T+
    PR: Bitcoin Fork Bithereum Launches Coin to Revolutionize Cryptocurrency Mining T+
    Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD Trends of December 17–23, 2018 T+
    First Time Ever Ethereum Price Surpasses Bitcoin Cash T+
    Bitcoin Community Celebrates the Appointment of the New Pro-Crypto White House Chief T+
    Bitcoin Price Watch: BTC Hesitates, But Recovery Seems Likely T+
    Japan Publishes Draft Report of New Cryptocurrency Regulations T+
    Crypto Market Update: EOS, Bitcoin Cash, Tron (TRX), ADA Price Analysis T+
    Hong Kong Exchange ‘Hesitant’ to Approve Bitmain IPO, Says Source T+
    BCH Devs Publish Bi-Directional Payment Concept Based on IPFS T+
    Bitcoin Millionaire Airdrops Millions of Dollars in Hong Kong T+
    Support Grows for Bitcoin Proof of Keys on Jan. 3 T+
    Top 10 Common Questions About Dogecoin Answered T+
    ICOs Continue To Liquidate Ethereum (ETH) War Chests Amid “Crypto Winter” T+
    A Look at Some of 2018’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency Traders T+
    Circle CEO: Bitcoin Price Will Boom In Years To Come T+
    Lawyers to Help the Russian Crypto Industry Deal With Inadequate Laws
    Hong Kong Bitcoin Wiz Throws Millions From Rooftops, Subsequently Arrested
    Despite 2018 Bear Market, Top Crypto Markets Have Outperformed FANG Stocks Since 2017
    In the winds of crypto winter
    The Daily: Trump Chooses Bitcoin Advocate as Chief of Staff, Congressman Proposes Wall Coins
    Exchanges, Startups Pick Sides After the Bitcoin Cash ‘Hash War’
    Chatter Report: Zhuoer Claims BSV Block Created ‘Accidentally’, Falkvinge Likens Code Review to ‘Legislation’
    On the 6th Day of Christmas Coinbase Gave Bitcoin to Syrian Refugees
    Bitcoin Development Not Controlled by Anyone Says Crypto Veteran
    CEO of Romanian Exchange Coinflux Arrested on US Warrant
    Bitcoin Bomb Threats Strike Hong Kong After Debacle In U.S., Canada
    Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum Price in the Green. Litecoin and BitcoinSV Leading With 8% Gains
    eToro launches #WelcomeToTheClub Premier League UK campaign
    Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis: BTC’s Short Term Rebound Likely
    BCH-Based Openswap Client Will Feature Trustless Atomic Swaps
    Switzerland to Relax Laws to Accommodate Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Startups
    Is This the End of Crypto?
    Monitor Bitcoin Cash Development With the Coin Dance Tracking Page

22/12 12:10

Crypto Arbitrage Today: OMG, USDT, LTC, Dash, ZEC, ETC T+
    Crypto Assets to Be Regulated Differently in the US, Potential Impact on Industry
    Charitable Causes to Get Crypto Wealth from Coinbase CEO T+
    Crypto Tidbits: Facebook May Launch Stablecoin, Ethereum Developer ConsenSys In Throes T+
    Following Crypto Mining Crash, GPU Producer Nvidia Worst Performer in S&P 500 T+
    Bitfinex Crypto Exchange Launches Margin Trading for Stablecoin Tether T+
    Dash Finding Success by Targeting South America T+
    Join us in Las Vegas during CES T+
    Bermuda Financial Regulator Releases Draft Regulation for Crypto Custodial Services T+
    Number of Crypto ATMs Steadily Growing Amid ‘Crypto Winter,’ Data Shows T+
    Tiny Artwork Sold in Micro Crypto Auction for Lowest Bid of 1 Millisatoshi T+
    Coinbase CEO First Crypto Entrepreneur to Join Buffet-Founded Billionaire Charity Pledge T+
    New Format of Traders Fair & Gala Night, Malaysia Includes Crypto Expo Conference T+
    Coinbase CEO Armstrong Pledges to Give Crypto Wealth to Charitable Causes T+
    Crypto Firms Merge to Build Software for Institutional Investors T+
    Chilean Banks Urge Anti-Monopoly Court to Revoke Decision Protecting Crypto Exchanges T+
    Executives at Korean Crypto Exchange UPbit Indicted for Fraud T+
    “Crypto Companies Will Choose the Governments the Most Open to Them,” Tim Draper and Others Forecast for 2019 T+
    Binance CEO: About Time Facebook Launches Its Own Crypto, Bolsters Adoption T+
    US Lawmakers Proposing a Bill to Challenge SEC’s Definition of Crypto as Securities T+
    Miner Maker Ebang Reports ‘Significant’ Profit Drop in New IPO Filing T+
    Crypto Arbitrage Today: Up to 20% Profit With AE, ZEC, ETC, LTC, EOS, Dash T+
    Coinbase Aggressively Expanding, High Hopes For Crypto in 2019 T+
    Why Crypto Winter Won’t Be 2019’s Defining Story T+
    Crypto Investment Platform Secures Seed Funding from Peter Thiel, Digital Currency Group T+
    Crypto Markets Deserve ‘B+ Grade’ for 2018, Says Investment Exec T+
    Bitcoin’s Tick Problem (Getting Screwed on Crypto Exchanges) T+
    US: New Legislation Proposes to Exclude Crypto From Securities Laws T+
    Crypto Mining Malware up Over 4,000% in 2018, Says McAfee Report
    Coinbase Moves $5 Billion, Reports Largest Crypto Transfer on Record T+
    The Highs and Lows of the 2018 Year in Cryptocurrency T+
    Blockstream, Swiss IT Consulting Firm Sign MoU for Blockchain Integration Services T+
    Press Release: Three Things You Need to Beat Crypto in 2019 T+
    Coinbase Launches Program to Educate Users About Crypto ‘Beyond Bitcoin’ T+
    Breaking: Japan’s FSA Approves License for Hacked Crypto Exchange Coincheck, Nikkei Reports T+
    Fintech Firm Launches App For Crypto Owners to Trade All Markets Without Any Fees T+
    United Kingdom Releases Tax Advice for Cryptocurrency Investors T+
    Researchers Find Thousands of Crypto Pump-and-Dump Groups on Messaging Apps T+
    Hong Kong Stock Market Regulator ‘Reluctant’ to Greenlight Bitmain IPO, Sources Report T+
    French Parliament Refuses to Ease Taxation for Cryptocurrency Owners T+
    Ledger to Accept Crypto Payments Following MoU With Hong Kong Startup T+
    Popular Crypto Mining GPU Price Down 67% Since February T+
    Crypto Exchange Coinbase Decides to Withdraw Its ‘BUIDL’ Trademark Application T+
    Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Calls 2018 ‘Correction Year’ for Crypto T+
    Second Largest Exchange OKEx Launches New Crypto Derivative Product T+
    Australians Can Use Crypto Debit Card at 30,000 ATMs and Up to 1 Million Payment Terminals T+
    Western Union Considers Crypto, Partners with Ripple to Test Blockchain Payments T+
    PwC Warns Lack of Insurance Access Is Hindering Crypto Businesses T+
    Peter Thiel Backs $2.1 Million Round for Crypto Investment Startup Layer1 T+
    Why is Raido Financial A Secure and Reliable Option? T+
    McAfee: Crypto-Mining Malware Grew By Over 4,000 Percent in 2018 T+
    Crypto Arbitrage Today: TUSD, USDT, XMR, BTG, EOS, TRX T+
    Earn ZRX Through “Coinbase Earn” Just By Learning About Crypto T+
    Vitalik Buterin Donates $300K in Crypto in a Bid to Push Ethereum 2.0 Development T+
    Coinbase Will Soon Reward You for Studying Crypto T+
    Crypto Exchange Coincheck to Receive Full Licensing from Japanese Authorities T+
    In April, Paris Gathers the Global Blockchain and Crypto-asset Ecosystem for a Blockchain Week T+
    Nucleus Vision Launches Payments Solution for Merchants nCash Pay T+
    Coinbase’s becomes a crypto webinar with crypto rewards T+
    XRP Price – Resistance Broken, Is $0.40 Next? T+
    Coinbase Just Moved $5 Billion in Crypto to Prepare for Token Expansion T+
    CoinList Launches Hackathon Series to Spur Crypto Product Launches T+
    eToro Survey: Investors Want to Learn More About Crypto T+
    Vitalik Just Gave $300K in Crypto to Three Ethereum Startups T+
    Ex-Goldman Exec Believes the Crypto Market Will Thrive in the Long-term T+
    Western Union Claims It is Ready for Cryptos T+
    How to Value Crypto Assets, Explains Willy Woo in New Theory T+
    UK Tax Agency Publishes Detailed Guidance for Crypto Holders T+
    Coinbase Ventures, Polymath and Others Back $3M Funding Round for Crypto Data Startup Nomics T+
    Overall Cryptocurrency Market Lands Its Second Day of Recovery T+
    Institutional Crypto and a New Generation of Wall Street Leaders T+
    Maltese Blockchain Bank Set to Start Operations by Mid-2019 T+
    First Major Christmas 2018 Crypto Scam Targets Basic Attention Token T+
    Only 2 out of 25 Top Crypto Exchanges Report Their True Trading Volumes: Report T+
    Basis Shutting Down Due to Regulatory Pressure T+
    Watch Lambos Battle for Crypto in This ‘War Riders’ Gameplay Trailer T+
    Coinbase Ventures Backs $3 Million Round for Trading Data Startup Nomics T+
    GSR Capital Hires Overstock’s tZERO to Tokenize $200M Worth of Cobalt Reserves T+
    Switzerland Takes New Direction in Crypto and Blockchain Regulation T+
    XRP Seems to Be the Top Candidate For the Bull Run in 2019, and Here is Why T+
    Japan Reclassifies Crypto While Hong Kong Tightens Regulations T+
    Crypto Is Far From Dead, as These Scaling Projects Show T+
    Cryptocurrency Trading Update: $10 Billion Injection Pumps Crypto Markets T+
    Crypto Arbitrage Today: TRX, XLM, XRP, Dash, BCH, BTG T+
    8 Days of Christmas: Coinbase Adds Crypto-to-Crypto Trading T+
    Crypto Market Recovers with Tether and EOS Leading the Way T+
    EOS Jumps to Fourth with 30% Surge as Crypto Markets Bounce T+
    Crypto Market Turns Green: EOS, Cardano (ADA), Stellar (XLM), Dogecoin Price Analysis T+
    Humans on the Blockchain: Why Crypto Is the Best Defense Against AI Overlords T+
    Abacus has attracted $2 million from YC, Justin Kan, and Coinbase to help startups and investors manage tokenized liquidity programs T+
    Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware Maker Turns £1,000 into Over £1 Million in First Year T+
    Switzerland Aims for Conducive Regulatory Framework for Blockchain, Crypto Companies T+
    Crypto Price Watch: Litecoin (LTC), Revain (R) and Factom (FCT) Surge in the Top-50 as Other Altcoins Continue to Struggle T+
    Hong Kong Stock Exchange Ruins Bitmain’s Plans for an IPO T+
    Crypto Analyst: Ethereum (ETH) Investment Thesis is “Questionable” T+
    When the Tide Goes Out: Big Questions for Crypto in 2019 T+
    ‘Basis,’ Andreessen Horowitz-backed Stablecoin project, Will be Shutting Down T+
    Rare Crypto Collectables Marketplace OpenSea Acquires Atomic Bazaar T+
    Crypto Arbitrage Today: XMR, ZEC, Dash, TRX, EOS, DOGE T+
    World’s First Blockchain-based Investment Bank T+
    Facebook Levies an Army of Blockchain Devs: New Crypto Economy on the Way? T+
    Binance Incubator Program to Foster Innovation For Blockchain and Crypto T+
    Cryptocurrency Market Update: Tether Tops Stellar Taking Fourth Spot T+
    The Intrinsic Value of Crypto (What the Bubble Hasn’t Changed) T+
    Crypto ATM Growth Proof that Mass Adoption is Underway T+
    Dogecoin Returns to the Crypto Market Cap top 20
    Crypto Arbitrage Today: BTC, XLM, EOS, DOGE, TRX, ZEC
    Facebook Blockchain Arm Booms, Even Amid Crypto Bear Market

22/12 12:10

Minor Dip Fails to Trigger XRP Price Instability T+
    VeChain Price Gains Momentum as $0.005 Looms Ahead T+
    Dogecoin Price Falls Below $0.0025 for the Time Being T+
    US Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Impose Sanctions on Iranian National Cryptocurrency T+
    US Lawmakers Seek Sanctions Against Iran’s Cryptocurrency Efforts T+
    Spot is a cryptocurrency app to control all your wallets and exchange accounts T+
    Grin and Beam: A Tale of Two Coins Being Built on Mimblewimble T+
    Grin and Beam: A Tale of Two Coins Being Built on Bitcoin’s Mimblewimble T+
    Mining ASIC Producer Ebang Reports ‘Significant Decreases’ in Revenue From July-September T+
    Sponsored: Derivatives Exchange Interdax Nears Launch with over $1 Million in Prizes T+
    3 Short-term Ethereum Price Predictions – 2018 Week 51 Edition T+
    Blockchain Will Be Brought Onto Satellites by Cryptocurrency Exchange to Help Adoption in Developing Countries T+
    Breaking: Facebook Develops Its Own Cryptocurrency for Remittances T+
    Cardano Price Gains 17% on the Road to $0.05 T+
    Bloomberg: Facebook is Developing a Cryptocurrency for Transfers in WhatsApp T+
    What is Tezos? T+
    Ethereum Price Reaches $110 Again as Monster Surge Continues T+
    Cryptocurrency industry faces insurance hurdle to mainstream ambitions T+
    The Herd and the HODLers: Recovering from Crypto’s Two-Year False Start T+
    Poloniex Lists 3 More Assets, Bringing the Total to 14 New Assets Added This Year T+
    Dogecoin Price Rally Rages on as $0.0027 Resistance is Broken T+
    3 Exploited EOS Gambling dApps Lose Over 200,000 Coins Combined T+
    Coinbase Has Dropped Its Bid to Trademark ‘BUIDL’ T+
    Japan's Coincheck to win regulatory nod for operations: source T+
    OpenUBI Ecosystem Launched by GoodDollar and Partners in Berlin T+
    Ethereum Price Seems Bound to Retrace to $90 or Lower T+
    L0rdix Malware Steals Data and Mines Cryptocurrency on Windows Machines T+
    Is Altseason Upon Us? XRP, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) up Over 10%, EOS up Almost 30% T+
    EOS Price Hits $2.15 but EOS/BTC Trend Could Retrace T+
    7th Day of Christmas at Coinbase: Everything One Needs to Know about USDC T+
    Electroneum Price Gains Keep the Community Happy
    XRP Price Reaches $0.29 Again Following Fake Amazon Rumor
    IOTA Price Jumps by 8% and Seeks Support at $0.23

22/12 12:10

Saying Goodbye to the Blockchain Romantics T+
    US Telecoms Giant Comcast to Make Blockchain Software Available in 2019 T+
    German Railway Operator Examines Deploying Blockchain to Tokenize Its Ecosystem T+
    Facebook is reportedly planning its own stablecoin — here’s what you need to know T+
    Civil-Backed News Site Archives Article on Ethereum Blockchain T+
    United States: Wyoming Targets Land Records in Blockchain Project With Overstock T+
    Irish Red Cross Partners on Blockchain-Powered App to Bring Transparency to Donations T+
    How airlines are using blockchain to unlock frequent flier miles T+
    NEO Defies Bear Market with DevCon Event in Seattle T+
    Wyoming County Moves to Put Land Records on Blockchain T+
    China: Media Alliance to Use Blockchain Technology for Copyright Protection T+
    UAE Banking System Will Soon Leverage Blockchain Technology T+
    Think IOTA Security is Flawed? Developers Will Pay You to Prove it T+
    Tron Price Analysis: TRX Can Easily Blast Above Q3 Highs of 2.5 Cents T+
    Blythe Masters Steps Down as CEO of Digital Asset T+
    Binance Launches Blockchain-Powered Charitable Campaign in Support of Maltese Youth T+
    How One Project Is Going to Save Trees In Paraguay Via Blockchain T+
    Tunisian Internet Agency Signs Strategic Partnership With Blockchain Platform T+
    Blockchain Journalism Project Civil to Launch in February Despite Token Sale Flop T+
    Ethereum Startup Parity Launches DIY Blockchain Tool Substrate T+
    Tensions Emerge Between Hyperledger Blockchain’s Biggest Supporters T+
    IBM and Intel’s Brewing Blockchain Tug-of-War T+
    Major Game Creator Atari to Roll Out Blockchain Versions of Two Popular Mobile Games T+
    A Middle Way Forward for Blockchain T+
    It Happened: Next Block Conference in Tel Aviv! T+
    Role of Development Teams Uncertain as Platforms Move Toward Mainstream Use T+
    Insert Public Headline to Readers: the Best Kept Secret in the Blockchain… T+
    eToroX is Granted a DLT License from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission T+
    Hyperledger Adds Alibaba Cloud, Citi, Deutsche Telekom, and 12 more New Members at Hyperledger Global Forum T+
    Zcoin Releases Academic Paper on Lelantus Protocol to Tackle Privacy Blockchain Issues T+
    Sponsored: Making the Most of Online Casinos T+
    ASX Reaffirms 2021 Blockchain Rollout Date After Blythe Masters Steps Down T+
    MultiChain Releases 2.0 Beta, Adds SAP and HCL as Partners T+
    Announcing The Launch Of The iFX EXPO Asia 2019 T+
    Blythe Masters steps down as CEO of blockchain startup Digital Asset T+
    Blythe Masters, CEO of Blockchain Startup Digital Asset, Is Stepping Down T+
    Overstock’s Medici Acquires Digital Tokens Representing Startup Equity Shares T+
    550,000+ Hotels in 210 Countries Can Now be Booked with XRP T+
    Amazon Plays Its Own Game With Enterprise Blockchain T+
    South Korean Government Trials Blockchain for Shipping Efficiency Boost T+
    Atari teams up with some startup to pretend to make blockchain-based games T+
    Porsche Uses Blockchain Platform to Close $170 Million Loan T+
    Iranian Official Says Blockchain Could Deliver Economic Boost T+
    Ponder: Exciting for Investors, Fun for Users T+
    Switzerland to Regulate Blockchain Within Existing Financial Laws T+

22/12 12:10

Tron Price Analysis: TRX Surge 58 Percent, Back to Top 10 T+
    Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Bullish, Break Above 40 Cents Vital For Bulls
    Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Poised For Next Bullish Break Above $0.40 T+
    Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Buyers In Full Control Above $108 T+
    Biggest Ethereum Development Firm, ConsenSys, May Lay Off 50~60% of Firm’s Workforce T+
    Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Price Surge Capped at 40 Cents T+
    Ripple Price Analysis: Dips In XRP Remain Well Supported T+
    Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Holding Key Uptrend Support T+
    90% of Monero Mined Ahead of Tail Emission in 2022, Big Milestone? T+
    Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Resumes Uptrend, $0.4000 Next? T+
    Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Gains Pace Above $100, Could Test $115 T+
    Ripple Price Analysis: XRP’s Rally Could Extend To $0.3500-0.3600 T+
    Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Turned Buy On Dips Above $90 T+
    Ethereum Hits Address Milestone But Activity and dApp Usage Down T+
    Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Could Retest Lows Before Higher T+
    Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Could Turn Bullish Above $90 T+
    Ethereum Price Weekly Analysis: Upsides in ETH Remains Capped Near $98

22/12 10:00

Ethereum Price – Ether Outlook Unclear T+
    More Staff Cuts Are Coming at Ethereum Studio ConsenSys T+
    Irish High Court Ruling ‘Breaks New Legal Ground,’ Reports Local Media T+
    Qtum Awards $400K Grant to Columbia University Research Team for Smart Contracts R&D T+
    9th Day of Coinbase Announced Support for Four More Ethereum Tokens T+
    Ethereum Price Surpasses $100 as First Resistance Level Looms at $171 T+
    Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH/USD Trends of December 18–24 T+
    This Brazilian Bank Is Using Ethereum to Issue a Stablecoin T+
    Ethereum’s ProgPoW May Trigger Major Market Movements if Implemented

22/12 12:00

Litecoin Price Remains Bullish After Hitting $27.5 T+

22/12 10:40

XLM Price Comes Under Pressure at the $0.12 Level T+
    US Lawmakers File Bill to Exempt Cryptocurrencies from Securities Laws T+
    3 Short-term Tron Price Predictions – 2018 Week 51 Edition T+
    IOTA Price on Par to Hit $0.3 if Bulls Remain in Control T+
    Dogecoin Price Hits Highest Value Since Mid-November T+
    Ledger Expands Operations to New York City T+
    XRP Price Surge Grows More Bullish T+
    Pornhub’s 2018 Statistics Mention Fortnite but no Cryptocurrencies T+
    EOS Overtakes Stellar Lumens (XLM) for the Top 4 Spot T+
    Decred Co-founder Pronounces 2018 as the “Death of the ICO Model” T+

22/12 12:00

XRP Price Analysis: XRP/USD Trends of December 19–25 T+
    XRP Price – Can Support Hold at $0.35? T+

22/12 12:00

Factbox: Four reasons why Argentina's economy buckled in 2018 T+
    WATCH: Stock market suffers worst December since Great Depression T+

21/12 17:30

Litecoin [LTC] Price Remains Stable for the Third Day Running T+

22/12 02:10

Bithumb to screen new cryptos with the help of its latest voting platform, yay or nay? T+
    What do Mariah Carey, Akon and Mel B Have in Common? T+

21/12 12:30

Dollar rallies from post-Fed losses as U.S. shutdown likely T+
    70% of Respondents Prefer Being Gifted Money in Digital Currency, Survey T+

20/12 19:30

Parity Launches Beta Version of Tool Stack for Building Blockchains T+
    Token Startup Templum Seeks SEC Clarity on Post-Trade Activities T+

22/12 01:20

UK police arrest man and woman over Gatwick drone disruption T+
    British police arrest two over Gatwick Airport drone disruption T+

20/12 10:12

Drones paralyze British airport, grounding Christmas travelers T+
    Drones ground flights at London Gatwick, sowing chaos for Christmas travelers T+

20/12 09:30

With 90 Percent of Monero Mined, Attention Turns to ‘Tail Emission’ From 2022 T+

20/12 00:50

CoinPoker Invites Cryptography and Poker Experts to Debunk their Transparent Card Shuffling Software and Take Home 1,000,000 CHP T+